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damn hillbillies,

prodding things they're not supposed to.
good job guys :D


probably the best particle effects iv'e seen. all those dust and dibree and light stuff mstve took a while drawing each frame

dont worry,

i know where i am, and im not a baby, it's just that my body didn't go through puberty yet. great flash. keep on animating

TheBoogley responds:

oh, okay.

thanks for clearing that up... :3

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lolz song name plz?

me gusta

i like how the robocop is drawn

i was expecting something else but im flexible :)
and it is really great that you are giving the ad revenue to charity. i never seen someone do that before :)

top score 222100

fame is great

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lucid dream...

best fitted title.
enough rappers rapping about big booty bitches and living the pimp life
your lyrics are beautiful. and you are hearing this from a METAL enthusiast.
you know how to use your creativity. the lyrics are just, its hard to explain, lucid?
its great i love it.
i should be hearing this on the radio instead of lil' Beiber boy

RetributionVox responds:

Thanks man. Glad you like my song :D

we will never forget

we will never forget john 117
we will never forget Sargent Johnson
we will never forget ODST
we will never forget Dr. Halsey, Cortana
we will never forget the arbiter
we will never forget their bravery and honor
we will never forget Harvest
we will remember Reach
we will remember noble team
remember Carter
remember Catherine
remember Jorge
remember Jun
remember Emile
remember Noble six and the previous noble six
we will remember their sacrifice
we will remember Halo
we will never forget Halo
never forget.

RetributionVox responds:

._. Yeah.

this is sex to the ears

it was quite an experience :)

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samus in spartan armor

well she DOES qualify, other than that, amazing job with the drawing. i like how the eyes are shining like in that live action video for reach...im going to watch it again right now :P

thats a nice way to "whore out" something :)

great job 10/10 5/5 cuz you deserve it :)

you deserve a 10

for the lolz. just kidding but you still did a great job. A+ for you bud :)

Sethdd responds:

for the lolz i will respond to your review

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